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Security Appliances for Your Home or Business The majority of the people that you will encounter in your lifetime are good people that would never intentionally cause you any harm. Unfortunately, there are some people in this world that do intentionally cause harm. There are some people in this world that look to make a profit from stealing from others instead of working for it. Theft is a huge drain on businesses, especially those in the retail space. Plus, in your home should someone attempt to rob you they present more danger than just stealing your property. If you want your family and property to be safe, there is a lot of equipment out there that can help you. When it comes to business and home security, you are going to find many things that work. When you are looking for home security equipment, you want to look for something that is going to help you get piece of mind. There are a lot of home owners that have security cameras outside of their house. These security cameras primarily work as a way to deter people from attempting anything, often fake cameras will work just as well. Another thing that many homeowners are starting to install on their property is a driveway bell. When you have a driveway bell, a bell will ring in your home every time a car comes up onto your driveway. The cost of the equipment for business security is likely going to be much higher. However; the security equipment that you purchase for a business will pay for itself over time as businesses are primary targets for theft. The security cameras that you buy for a business will likely need to be hooked up to a NVR system. The NVR system that you use is going to record and store all of the video from your security camera’s on your business’s network and storage servers.
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When you are looking to buy equipment for business or home security, there are many places where you can shop for it online. You will want to look at reviews and look for the equipment that has been proven to work at deterring crime. If the security equipment you are buying is going to be outside, you want to make sure it is durable enough to handle the elements.
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Unfortunately, there is a large population of people that make their money off of stealing from others. There is no reason that you should be the victim of someone that would try and steal from you. There is a lot of security equipment that you can purchase to help keep your things and your loved ones safe.

Best Resources for Small Businesses

Being a successful small business is not easy. The five core challenges most small business face are time management, pricing, cash flow, managing growth and marketing / client acquisition. In order to succeed, you must arm yourself against these challenges. The good news is that there are a number of fabulous resources to help you with these issues.

Actively seek out the right small business information.
Many small business owners are so over-extended that they neglect staying informed about business trends. This is a fatal error. In today’s modern marketplace, you simply cannot succeed if you run your business on intuition alone. You may stay afloat in the short run, but you will eventually lose out to better informed competitors.

There are a number of incredible online resources that are both free and invaluable. Sites like and provide tips on just about everything from starting your business to navigating advanced legal issues. They feature in depth information on running your business, leadership / management techniques, sales & marketing tips, small business technology and finances.

Helpful Tip: Set aside at least 1 hour each week to review these sites. If you find that you prefer to read in bed, consider subscribing to a few of these magazines. This information will make you and your business stronger.

Know your industry and target market in real time.
In our modern age, trends shift at break-neck speed. It is important to stay abreast of developments in both your industry and your target market’s microcosm. After all, more often than not, what concerned your target market 3 months ago is now ancient history.

Subscribe to industry related publications and consume the same media as your target market. If you sell jewelry for eco-friendly women in their thirties and forties, spend an hour each week reading news and publications that are relevant to that market. Likewise, be sure to check industry news every week. For example, using the same eco-friendly jewelry analogy, you might read up on green product developments, new fashion trends or even ecological political issues.

Helpful Tip: Set two separate Google Alerts – one on your industry and one for your target market – to send you period updates on relevant news. Google will send these news stories to you automatically, making it easy to skim over the headlines and read through the meaningful stories.

Find the right on-line partnerships.
The proliferation of online office supply stores makes economically and efficiently stocking your office a lot easier than it was 10 years ago. Buying office supplies online takes less time and makes price comparison easy. Because of online competition, online suppliers are eager to earn your business. The good ones will provide a wealth of free information on their site and happily take your calls to field questions and offer advice. For example, if you are looking for discounted printer ink cartridges but are a little confused about toner versus regular stores like compandsave not only provide free yet invaluable printer cartridge information resource center but they also eagerly accept calls and offer advice on how to save on office supplies.

Helpful Tip: When you find a supplier with great prices and customer service, hold onto them for the long-haul. A good supplier relationship can save you thousands, streamline your operations and free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

Rethinking IT Management For Small Business

Why the traditional approach to technology staffing does not work

Most small business owners are frustrated with the time and capital demands of their technology investment. Technology is expensive, ever changing and the contribution to the bottom line is not always apparent. Attempts to be deliberate with technology architecture decisions leads to more questions;

  • How can every printer vendor promise to save me more money than the other ones?
  • Can I get all of the collaborative email features I want without having to hire a full-time email administrator?
  • Why is the right CRM so hard to find?
  • Are we really protected from viruses and spam? How many programs do I really need to buy to be ‘protected’?
  • Does our website REALLY help us get more customers?
  • Which hand-held should we standardize on? Blackberry? Which service? AT&T? Verizon? Is there really a difference?
  • Are we really getting the best deal on our technology lines? How do I compare DSL? T1′s? PRI’s?
  • What do we really need??

These questions leave most small business owners with the conviction that their IT investment is not optimized but they need help to get through all the data and conflicting opinions. There just isn’t time to do the research to properly understand the value of the various technologies. The logical progression is to hire an administrator to manage the technology investment. This works for a while but ultimately this leads to an uneasy truce with the IT solution, the systems do ‘enough’ of what is needed and is supported by staff with a tolerable mix of technical skill, sufferable personalities and some understanding of what the business really needs. Small business managers accept an infrastructure that is adequate because there isn’t time to delve into IT personally and the administrators are not able to able to actualize tangible business advantage with the current technology.

The cause? Small Business Information Technology departments attract technicians. People that make excellent support personnel and administrators. What is missing is the strategic thinker. Someone with an understanding of the technical tools AND both the financial and operational background to establish a comprehensive plan for the business that is financially justifiable, technically efficient and business appropriate to grow and evolve with the company.

This understanding highlights the need to hire technical personnel with more experience and deeper knowledge in business administration. Being a technician isn’t enough, the candidate must be aware of the needs of the specific business, the marketplace, competitors, industry trends and be able to evaluate the total cost of ownership of potential solutions and weigh that cost against the value of devoting the resources to sales, R&D or marketing. Unfortunately, hiring a full-time CIO with this breadth of experience and understanding of the business needs quickly becomes cost prohibitive for most small businesses.

The strategic decisions are critical to get right but the business cannot justify a full-time CIO. The high-end, strategic task of keeping a small business on-track with the IT portfolio may not be a full time job and the right candidate is costly to retain. Still, the in-house administrators, devoted to operational support, do not have the right perspective to actualize the mission of the business. To address this limitation, there is a growing trend in Small Businesses to consider part-time CIO programs. Part-time CIO programs allow companies access to seasoned, senior IT management for the amount of time appropriate for their business needs. Similar to retaining an attorney, this model allows small business to retain low-cost, in-house technicians to support operations while leveraging the depth of experience and knowledge of an experienced executive to establish the architecture standards, develop staff and ensure the alignment of solutions to the corporate strategy.

Part-time CIO programs can be as little as 30% of the cost of retaining a full-time executive without the additional employment package overhead inherent with full time executives. A part-time CIO contributes immediate value to the organization allowing the small business owner to focus on their business with the piece of mind that a highly-trained, experienced professional is addressing the back-end needs to keep the business on track.

Tax Help For Small Business Owners

Why You Want to Get Your Professional Development Training in Florida For 2009

Companies and organizations hold professional development seminars to train recruits and remind veterans of key fundamental values. The importance of seminar training is even more valuable today with the economy’s uncertain forecast. In Florida, the place to go in 2009, we can guarantee smooth sailing for your professionally handled seminar.

Why Florida is a great place to hold seminar training in 2009– Florida attracts some of the most prestigious associations, corporations, conventions and trade shows from around the world. Put yourself in very good company with some of the fine folks below:

National conferences held in Florida–

Miami Beach May 26-30, 2009: CAMACOL’s 30th Hemispheric Congress Trade Show Annual Hemispheric Congress of Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry Trade Show Network, educate, and make firm business contacts.

Kissimmee October 10-13, 2009: PMI Global Congress 2009- North America Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center This networking and leadership seminar allows thousands of professionals from around the globe to exchange ideas and meet project challenges in over 150 sessions.

Tampa May 6-7, 2009: Small Business Conference Conference & Banquet center Branch out with your small business in search of lucrative government contracts. Through informative speakers and receptions, discover how to turn your product into a phenomenal marketing success.

Orlando October 25-27, 2009: CMAA’s 2009 National Conference & Trade Show Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Reserve early, the Trade Show sold out in 2008.

What Florida has to offer event planners and conference attendees–

Welcome to the Sunshine State. An irresistible location, surrounded by all that Florida has to offer creates a memorable seminar experience. By far, one of Florida’s biggest attractions is its year-round pleasant weather conditions.

Miami– The spectacular weather and cosmopolitan atmosphere make Miami, called the Magic City, the perfect destination for your next scheduled seminar. With beautiful beaches, renovated hotels, improved transportation, and popular attractions, it is easy to see why South Beach was named one of the top 10 Beaches on Earth.

Palm Beach– Welcome to Palm Beach County, including the areas of West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Boynton Beach. Palm Beach offers fabulous attractions, premier resorts, and sporting events in their backyard of 47 miles of beachfront. Part of Florida’s Gold Coast, Palm Beach County is close to several major cities and home to more than 2,000 restaurants.

Fort Lauderdale– The Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau can make your seminar shine with the latest in technology to ensure your seminar runs smoothly. The high-tech 600,000 sq. ft. Broward County Convention Center boasts state-of-the-art facilities and elegant banquet rooms.

Orlando– At the geographic center of the state, Orlando is located 50 miles from the Atlantic Coast to the east, and 75 miles from the Gulf Coast to the west. Orlando’s subtropical climate has long been drawing residents and tourists with an average annual temperature of 72 degrees.

Nowhere will you find a destination offering such a remarkable list of entertainment. Between Walt Disney World, museums, golf courses, and shopping, you are sure to host an attendance record-breaking seminar in Orlando.

Seminars are designed to exchange ideas, solve problems, improve efficiency, and promote working relationships. The most beneficial seminars drive businesses to produce a noticeable profit. Florida is the ideal creative meeting place for generating innovations.

The Small Business Administration Can Help Small Businesses

Businesses will find a vast array of services available to help them get their operations up and running, or to help them develop and grow their existing business. No matter how much money is available to spend for consulting; for small businesses, these services are well worth seeking out. Examples of the various types of help available are marketing advice, loans and business plans, as well as help from the Small Business Administration, which is an agency that was developed by the Federal Government to aid and assist small businesses in their day to day operations.

The Small Business Administration offers most of these services under one umbrella. The one service that an entrepreneur will probably find the most helpful is the free online training through the Small Business Training Network. Online education is offered in starting a business.

You can find information on business planning and writing a business plan, business management, finance and accounting, advertising and marketing, e-commerce and website building, international trade and retirement planning. Each course generally takes about 30 minutes to complete and is self-paced. For small businesses that are just starting out, the knowledge offered by these courses is a necessity.

Loans and grants are available for small businesses and can be researched on the Small Business Administration website, located at “Sba”. In addition to a knowledge library, users will find a planner that allows them to plan everything from their startup, to their day to day operation, and even to their exit, regardless of whether they are selling out or retiring.

There are also links to sites that can assist the small business owner in selecting software for their new company, information about international trade and government contracts, making healthcare choices, choosing a payroll and tax service, and form development. Networking and advertising advice is also available. There is a link to a chat room, which offers real time advice for those in need of immediate assistance.

Many new business owners, not knowing any better, seek out information from a variety of different places, not realizing that not all advice is good advice. For small businesses that can be a very bad thing. The Small Business Administration is an alternative that is both reliable and trustworthy.

Not all offers of assistance from sources outside of the SBA are legitimate. All advice received outside of known reputable sources should be scrutinized carefully before acting upon it, to avoid possible repercussions for bad decisions.

DFL-860 UTM Security Firewall – Ideal Solution for Small Businesses

As an Information Technology manager who is in charge of the availability, the confidentiality, and the integrity of your small business information system – you should build a high performance and secure network infrastructure. To build a secure network infrastructure you should have a strong security protection in the entry point of the internet by implementing the UTM appliance.

UTM ( Unified Threat Management) appliance is a very essential device in protecting your network environment against any types of emerging internet threats which always evolve to get smarter in penetrating your system vulnerabilities which cannot be just blocked by layer-2 and layer-3 devices such as traditional router / firewall. Your system must be able to scan deep up to the application layer.

The other important system you need to have for your small business network infrastructure is the capability of creating the secure tunnels for remote sites or travelling users to your internal network through the internet as if they work locally in the office. With the limitation of the personnel experts in networking and security, you have lots of works to do. But with all-in-one UTM security appliance you can build a secure small business network easily. Consider D-Link NetDefend DFL-860 – a single solution for UTM and VPN firewall appliance.

What this Product Does

DFL-860 UTM Security appliance is an all in one device – a core device for building secure network infrastructure in protecting your small business against any emerging internet threats. The device includes two WAN Ethernet ports for load balance internet connection or failover when the primary connection fails. For your small business, you can subscribe broadband internet plans both cable and DSL for load balance or fail-over. The DFL-860 also includes one DMZ port to allow you setup a security boundary when you require hosting a public resource such as a Web or FTP server.

VPN Supports

The DFL-860 includes integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) client and server to allow remote sites or traveler users to create secure tunneling to connect to your private network via the internet. With secure tunneling they can access the office network resources such as email, files, or application via the internet as if they were connected locally. The firewall supports the IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP protocols and if you have external RADIUS server, you can use the RADIUS for VPN authentication.

Advanced Security

The D-Link DFL-860 NetDefend UTM firewall security appliance provides a complete security features and allow you manage the bandwidth, the URL filtering, access policies, and network monitoring including email-alerts, system logs, and real-time statistic and the good thing is that you can manage remotely.

Unlike traditional router / firewall, the DFL-860 includes a high-performance threats management to scan the internet packets deep into up to the layer-7 (application layer) including the IPS (intrusion prevention system), gateway antivirus, and up-to-date content filtering services. This will assure a clean network against any types of Internet threats.

To defend your system against the viruses, the DFL-860 uses stream-based virus scanning technology to help you reduce network bottleneck and the virus signature from Kaspersky Labs. To help you filter the Web for clean internet, the device includes the web content-filtering services by implementing multiple global index servers and updated in a real-time.

Unfortunately, those update services to assure your secure network is not free. You have to spend lots of bucks for security trade off. Security is not free, it’s very expensive but it is worth for protecting your valuable information assets.

Alternative Solution

For SOHOs, you can consider Cisco RV 120W. Cisco RV 120W is a Wireless-N VPN Firewall and VLAN Router which is ideal solution for small offices. The router includes the wireless access point to create wireless LAN for your office. For small to medium businesses, you can consider NSA 240 Sonicwall Small Business Network Security. NSA 240 Sonicwall is ideal for your small business and complex environment. It includes 3xGigabit Ethernet ports; 6x 10/100Mbps ports (configurable Ethernet interfaces); 2USB and PC-Card slot (for optional 3G modems).

By Ki Grinsing

Entrepreneurs – Bring in More Sales and Customers to Your Small Business With Information Products

This article will show entrepreneurs how they can use information products to benefit their existing product line, no matter what they sell. Information products can bring in new customers and keep existing ones with higher success than some other methods of customer retention. Read on to find out how giving information products to your customers can bring them in and keep them around longer.

Information products are basically bundled information that solves a very specific problem for your customer. They can take the form of short reports, to full-length books, to videos and audio.

You can use information products to bring customers to your business by first finding a problem that is related to something you sell and would like people to buy. Lets say that it’s the winter time and you sell car batteries. You create a report about how car batteries freeze in the winter and how to protect the batteries the longest with a list of tips. At the bottom of the report could be a coupon for a discount on a battery. It will also include all of your contact information as well.

As a creative entrepreneur, you can create a sign-up box on your web-site so that customers can request a copy of your report. Once you have their email, you can periodically send them reports about other item that you sell, keeping in contact with them frequently. You can also advertise that you have information products to give away at your store for various topics if the customers come in and get them.

Create a product that solves a pain for your small business customer. This is not a sales letter, as the information in the report will solve a certain problem on its own. The information has to have worth all by itself or the customer will chuck it. People do not like to be sold to.

How to Start a Small Business in North Carolina, USA

Are you looking to start a small business in North Carolina? Not sure where to find resources on business plans, marketing plans, financing and other general small business information on, a good place to start is a few of the following local sites:

1. North Carolina Chamber of Commerce Site

If you go to you will find a variety of helpful information for starting a small business. Just click on the business services and then choose start your business. Here you can find such helpful information such as a start up checklist, information about business licenses and permits, choosing your legal structure, forms, and information about hiring employees. There are also frequently asked questions for doing business in North Carolina.

2. Small Business and Technology Development Center

How would you like to find out more about economic stimulus packages? How about local events on business planning? How about finding ways to finance your business? There are a variety of sources and useful information available on this site at You can also find out information about export development and international business. There is also an upcoming Rural Development Fund. North Carolina has opportunities in vacation and recreational properties and locally produced goods and services.

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center has even awarded a 100k to fund growth in the natural biotechnology sector. The International Institute for Natural Biotechnology and Integrative Medicine is a new develop that would help develop some of North Carolina’s natural biotechnology sources. There are some great success stories.

Retirees – Start a Small Business For Free Without Having to Leave Your Kitchen Table

If you are looking for a great way to add some passive income to your life without having to do a lot of work, then information products are for you. This is the sale of a written product that you create at home. No inventory and no employees needed. Read on to find out more about creating your perfect small business.

Sure, you may some retirement money coming in, but these are supposed to be the best years of your life. This is not the time to start a new bricks-and-mortar business, but you probably still want some more cash flowing into your pocket. Instead of taking on an odd-job or trying to sell Amway door to door to your angry friends, you can really make a difference in people’s live by creating your on how-to materials and selling them.

You have an entire life’s worth of experiences under your belt. You’ve probably had some outlandish hobbies and some interesting jobs over the years. I’d be willing to bet that you are an expert at a thing or two and have probably figured out some interesting solutions to problems at your career or in your hobby. Well, why not benefit from your small inventions and turn them into how-to material, otherwise known as information products.

Info-products or ebooks can range from very simple 10-page reports for a few dollars, all the way to entire courses with audio and video supplements. Most of the time these products are all digital and downloaded instantly once the customer has paid. People can buy them 24 hours a day, all over the world. The equipment needed to create information products is all free (except for the computer of course, but you already have one). All you will do is type out your product and create a small web site where you will sell it. You will generate some traffic to your site using traditional marketing techniques that are also free, and you will eventually get a small trickle of cash from your idea.

The trickle of cash will get bigger as you ad more products and make a name for yourself. Each of these products will act as a tiny oil well, pumping a little money into your account month after month. As you add more products, you get more oil wells. The business is entirely scalable in any direction you want. The digital product community is just starting to take off with more and more eBook readers. Start your kitchen table retirement business with information products.