Entrepreneurs – Bring in More Sales and Customers to Your Small Business With Information Products

This article will show entrepreneurs how they can use information products to benefit their existing product line, no matter what they sell. Information products can bring in new customers and keep existing ones with higher success than some other methods of customer retention. Read on to find out how giving information products to your customers can bring them in and keep them around longer.

Information products are basically bundled information that solves a very specific problem for your customer. They can take the form of short reports, to full-length books, to videos and audio.

You can use information products to bring customers to your business by first finding a problem that is related to something you sell and would like people to buy. Lets say that it’s the winter time and you sell car batteries. You create a report about how car batteries freeze in the winter and how to protect the batteries the longest with a list of tips. At the bottom of the report could be a coupon for a discount on a battery. It will also include all of your contact information as well.

As a creative entrepreneur, you can create a sign-up box on your web-site so that customers can request a copy of your report. Once you have their email, you can periodically send them reports about other item that you sell, keeping in contact with them frequently. You can also advertise that you have information products to give away at your store for various topics if the customers come in and get them.

Create a product that solves a pain for your small business customer. This is not a sales letter, as the information in the report will solve a certain problem on its own. The information has to have worth all by itself or the customer will chuck it. People do not like to be sold to.